Unlike traditional in-house IT solutions, cloud-based IT services can be scaled up or down on-the-fly as business needs require. Rather than investing heavily in hardware designed to meet your maximum requirements which then sit idling during quieter periods, a cloud-based infrastructure can be reconfigured to meet demand and you only ever pay for the service that you are consuming.

For example, your e-commerce web site can be scaled up and out to cope with a new product launch for just a weekend, and you will only pay for the additional capacity used that weekend. Or your website can be configured to support additional traffic automatically during busy periods.

You can use cloud storage to store large quantities of video media at a much lower cost than in-house and then use the same cloud service to encode the video without having to purchase any expensive hardware – once again, paying for the service only whilst it is being used.

Aside from the potential cost savings, this adaptability also points towards greener credentials. Since you are consuming only what you need, your power consumption will be lower. Lower power consumption is directly linked to lower CO2 emissions and better outcomes for the environment.

Customers with in-house network infrastructure can begin to hybridise their systems with cloud based infrastructure allowing them to gain some of the benefits without having to dismantle their current framework and perform a wholesale migration. As apparatus reaches the end of its life, it can be replaced with cloud-based alternatives removing the need for large capital investment.

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