Cloud-based IT infrastructure brings enterprise class hardware platforms to smaller businesses giving a level of resilience that would otherwise cost many thousands of pounds to implement in-house. Services can be deployed to locally redundant or geographically-redundant storage to ensure there is always a safe copy of your data.
Locally redundant storage maintains multiple copies of your data in a single data center which protects against normal hardware failures but not against a failure of the entire data center. Geographically redundant storage maintains twice as many copies of your data split between a pair of datacentres in different locations.

So, what does this mean for you?

How about the ability to have your services and data constantly available to your employees or your customers regardless of the health of a box in the corner of your office? How about a guaranteed uptime of 99.95% for specific configurations? How about the reassurance that your business can keep operating after a local natural disaster, terrorist attack or some other event that prevents access to your offices?

As well as making your data available for a higher percentage of the time, cloud-based IT also makes your data available from more places than before. Rather than require the end user to connect to your local systems with all the inherent risks and limitations of that, cloud-based services are available from anywhere there is an internet connection and on any device.

Complete freedom to work how you want, where you want and without any disruption to service.
SquareCubed can talk to you about the availability offered by cloud computing and how it can provide your business with increased mobility and resilience without massive initial capital investment.

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